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Elevatr GDPR Policy


There is a lot of misleading information about GDPR and people are seeing it as something dreadful.

However, things are a lot easier than they seem.

If you do business in the European Union and your customers are there, then there is only one way about this - to become compliant.

If you are doing business in the United States and you don’t care about becoming compliant, think again. After all, the European Union is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world.

Instead of trying to find ways to block customers and contacts from the European Union, we recommend you to view this as a way to audit your email list, clean it up and improve the way you do marketing and acquire email contacts.

By becoming GDPR compliant will not only help you adhere with the EU legislation but will also lead to better engagement rates for your emails and a better inbox placement from Email Service Providers (Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo, Outlook).

How does Elevatr comply with GDPR?

We are constantly working on updating policies and the Elevatr functionality to stay GDPR compliant and help you to comply with GDPR, as well.

In addition to this, we are ready to ensure:

  1. Right to be forgotten: Upon request, you can cancel your Elevatr subscription and we can permanently remove your account and all the data you provided when you signed up. You can also opt out from email communications and product updates by using the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of our emails or requesting this via email.
  2. Right to rectification: You can log in to your Elevatr account and update your information at any time. Alternatively, you can get in touch, and we will be happy to help update that information for you.
  3. Right of access: We regularly update our Privacy Policy, and there you can see what type of information we collect and why. If you have any questions about that, feel free to get in touch.
  4. Right of portability: You own your email list 100%, and while we are sad to see you go, we will be glad to help export all your contacts and provide them to you in a CSV format so that you can move to a different email service provider.
  5. Data location: All our data is securely stored on Amazon’s EU servers in Ireland.

How does Elevatr help you to comply with GDPR?

Elevatr will also help you to comply with the GDPR:

  1. Right to be forgotten: Your Elevatr contacts can always opt-out from your email marketing communication by using the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of your emails. Additionally, they can request to be unsubscribed or permanently removed from the database, and you can do so from their contact profile.
  2. Right to rectification: You can access and update your subscriber information from your Elevatr account at any time. You are able to edit the name and email address, as well as their email subscriptions (buckets).
  3. Right of portability: Upon request, we can export your Elevatr contacts, and you can pass that to your contacts if they want to know what information is collected and for what purpose.

Elevatr will assist you to achieve complete data protection and comply with GDPR before it would come into force. If your email marketing business needs persistent protection and management of your email list, feel free to contact us.

Here, at Elevatr, we put all the efforts into helping you to build a successful online business and be compliant with all the regulations.

For this reason, we recommend you to follow best practices, keep a clean email list and never email other people without receiving permission first.

We also published an in-depth guide called “GDPR for Email Marketing – Your Essential Guide to Achieving Compliance in 2018” that can help you get a better understanding of GDPR and what you need to do to become compliant.

Disclaimer: This is created strictly for information purposes and does not contain any legal advice. We recommend to reach out to professional counsel about how GDPR can impact your organization and what you need to do to achieve compliance.